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Printing Techniques:

Flexographic printing can handle a high output level making it ideal for larger orders. This printing method can work with an assortment of materials and technical capabilities such as pressure-sensitive labels, shrink sleeves, metallic labels and much more. After the initial setup costs, flexographic printing becomes more cost-effective with the more labels you order.

Our flexographic presses typically run several hundred feet of material per minute once it’s set up to run labels. Setting up a flexographic press can take a while, and in some cases, the set up time for a job can take several hours. One of the big advantages of flexographic presses is that once a job is set up on the press, it can be run very quickly relative to the speed of running a job on a digital press.


Flexographic printing accommodates a diverse range of label products and materials. For example, we offer coupon label printing, removable adhesive labels and multi-layer labels. To achieve the best color results on your label, we use the standard four color process of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and ‘key’ black) inks. Our presses are capable of up to six ink stations that can be used for multiple variations of any single color with spot colors, specialized inks, white underprinting and finishes. We recently acquired a 12-color flexographic press for even more customization options!

Another popular option we offer on our flexographic presses is cold foil stamping, a technique that creates beautiful metallic accents. The capabilities of our flexographic presses are easily modified to meet the needs of many different label projects and achieve optimal print results.

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